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I was inspired by the two-year-old daughter of a friend of mine yesterday. My friend posted an adorable video of her daughter, Olivia helping her make cookies. Olivia, (who, by the way, is also adorable) was seated in a high chair with a prepared cookie sheet and a bowl of cookie dough. She was meticulously building what had to be the single largest chocolate chip cookie on the planet. A girl after my own heart!

After she positioned each handful of dough either in an effort to increase the size of her Godzilla-chip cookie, or to create new cookies on her sheet, she exclaimed, “Ta-da!”

Each subsequent cookie received as much enthusiasm as its predecessor. “Ta-da!”, plop. “Ta-da!

I found myself grinning and giggling as I watched her at her work. “Ta-da!”

I realized by the end of the video, I do not have enough “Ta-da!”s in my life. We should be filling our lives with “Ta-da!”s. Olivia gets it, my friend, her mother gets it.

Instead of beating ourselves up and suffocating ourselves with our own perfectionism, convincing ourselves we aren't good enough, or smart enough, thin or pretty enough, we don't make enough money or we can't make killer Godzilla-chip cookies, I want to simply do my best, be as kind and helpful as I can and celebrate my every day victories.

Like posting to my blog.

Ta-da! (Thanks, Olivia!)


photo credit: nataliej via photopin cc


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