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Stalker Mom

We have just enjoyed another terrific Independence Day. For our family, the arrival of Independence Day brings forth a landmark birthday for our daughter, Sarah. This Independence Day, I struggle with the ever-nearing independence of our eighteen-year-old daughter as we ready her to embark on her newest exploration, college.

It seems as though I have been gently led through baby steps toward Sarah’s awakening independence. I am convinced that these baby steps are for me, not for her. She seems ready to spread her wings. It’s me continuing to bite my tongue to keep from saying, “No! Your wings aren’t dry yet!” But her wings are dry, and strong and she is ready to take flight on them.

Today, Sarah is off on a grand adventure. She is flying to London to meet our British family. These better-than-best friends have been part of our lives for more than twenty years. After eighteen years of hearing us say, “Oh, I so hope you get to meet them one day.”, “Oh, Sarah you would just love England. I really wish you could see it.” Today is the day… Actually, tomorrow is the day. Tonight she is halfway there, skimming across the Atlantic Ocean. I know this because thanks to technology, I am doing what any mother of an eighteen-year-old girl would do. I’ve got her on low jack. Her wings may be ready but I can still watch her fly.



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