People Are Basically Good

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People Are Basically Good



I struggle. Especially with people. I face obstacles with people all the time. I often tend to be awkward, easily overwhelmed by social interaction. I’m one of those extraverted introverts. I can be a nearly over-the-top social creature or a borderline agoraphobic. I interact much more easily with complete strangers than casual acquaintances or even good friends and co-workers. I’m not certain if this information is important, but that’s the way I am. I struggle. I put people off. I’m friendly and intelligent and kind. I always try to do the right thing, I try to help people.

However, I have a knack for making social missteps with people. Making enemies, frienemies. I have found that only strong, intelligent, self-assured people seem to like being around me. That’s okay. It’s a two-way street, really.

My intent is not to be bitchy or whiny here. I’m sharing my experience. I’ve been back-stabbed in the corporate world and private world more times than I would truly care to admit. But I still have faith in people. I still believe in eBay’s basic tenet that, “People are basically good.” That mission statement spoke to me years ago when I sold comic books on eBay when I was a stay-at-home mom. It still does. People are basically good. I believe in it. Regardless of all the ugliness we see happening every day.

People are basically good.

We were recently in New Orleans, Louisiana for a family fun weekend. If you’re not familiar, while it is literally my favorite city on the planet, New Orleans is a beautiful, dangerous place. As we were walking down Canal Street, my husband took a misstep into a small sinkhole and fell, sprained his ankle.There were several locals around us. They stopped and helped him up, genuinely concerned about his well-being.

People are basically good.

I recently read an article about Tim Tebow comforting a family whose husband/father was dying from a heart attack on an airline flight. I really don’t understand all the negativity expressed toward him. I’m not necessarily a fan of his, nothing against him, personally, he’s just never played for any teams I love. I may or may not follow the same faith system as he does, but I admire the hell out of his kindness and adherence to his faith despite the negativity he continues to face. It troubles me when I read disparaging things leveled at folks trying to do works of kindness.

Despite it all, I still believe that people are basically good.

Photo credit: Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Harder Battle
Kate Ter Haar | Flickr Creative Commons

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